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Bartender 1.2 Released

Bartender 1.2 is a huge step forward for Bartender, we think it is great.

Since 1.0.9 we have been working on the internal control mechanisms of Bartender to allow future feature additions and make it rock solid. You may notice that we have not released a 1.1, this was due to the Mavericks announcement at WWDC. 1.1 was ready when we saw Mavericks and got a chance to try Bartender on it. With the multi-monitor support and more internal changes in Mavericks we wanted to rethink the way Bartender would work to take full advantage of what Mavericks offers.

Some of the key features are of 1.2 are;

Full Mavericks support, including multi-monitor with separate spaces/menu bars.

Show for Updates for System Items. We are really excited about this! This has only been possible since the new internal changes we have made. We have been testing this extensively and we love it! You can now set the system items to show for updates. This is amazing for viewing your Battery, WiFi and Time Machine for example. To have the Battery menu bar item appear when you connect your charger then disappear again looks great, and to have Time Machine pop into the menu bar to show a backup is in progress, and then disappear again one its finished, it all just feels that this is how its meant to be.

Show for Updates for all apps now uses image recognition to determine if the Menu Bar Item has updated. This provides a far better experience.

Ever wished you could simply drag something to an app hidden by Bartender? Dragging anything to the Bartender Menu Bar Icon will now perform the default click action. For most users this is to display the Bartender Bar, this is to allow dragging to apps such as CloudApp etc.

We have also reduced Bartenders power usage. We are amazed at the extended Battery life Apple has achieved with Mavericks so in turn we have been working hard to reduce Bartenders power consumption to as low a level as possible. Using the new power management features of Mavericks, we have reduced the power usage of Bartender to a very low level. So all you MacBook Air users should continue seeing your crazy battery time remaining figures.

Along with these new features are lots of changes that means Bartender 1.2 is more compatible with those few apps that did not work perfectly with Bartender, and all apps should see improvements.

There are many advances and bug fixes included in this release and if you want to see them all you can check out the release notes.

To celebrate the release Bartender will be on sale for $10 for 1 week until September 30th, 2013