Bartender 3

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Bartender 3 and the Bartender Bar

The beneath menu bar Bartender Bar is dead! Long live the in menu bar Bartender Bar!

Bartender 3 introduces a new UI for showing items in the Bartender Bar; they are shown in the menu bar replacing items set to show by default in the menu bar. You can also set items to show in the menu bar all the time, and these will remain visible.

We know this is a big change from having the Bartender Bar beneath the menu bar, but we had to take this big step to be able to improve Bartender and keep it compatible with modern macOS especially High Sierra.

Initially we missed the below menu Bartender Bar too, but once your muscle memory gets used to the new setup and you have organised your items to suit your workflow in Bartender Preferences, and by ⌘+dragging items to a good position.

You can also set items to not disappear when the Bartender Bar items show by setting them to “Always display in the menu bar”.

We think you, like us, will start to feel Bartender now feels even more part of macOS.