Bartender 3

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macOS Catalina Betas

We are pleased to confirm that Bartender 3 works great with the initial betas of macOS Catalina.

The only change is you will need to enable “Screen Recording” in System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy for Bartender.

This is a new Security Setting in macOS Catalina, and needs to be enabled for the current release of Bartender to work. To give some context to why Bartender uses this;
Bartender needs this permission as it captures images of the menu bar items, it does this for 3 reasons, to make “show for updates” work, to display the menu items in preferences, and to create a smooth transition when switching states. It also get the names of the menu items, this is also covered by the permission.

The current Bartender Test Build release (3.1.0) will prompt you to enable this permission if needed. We recommend you update to the latest test build:

You can update to this version by Accepting Test builds in Bartender Preferences > Updates and checking for updates.e

Or by downloading directly here: