Bartender 3

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macOS Mojave Beta 1 and Bartender 3

NOTE: Bartender 3.0.47 is now fully compatible with macOS Mojave.

You can update to this version by checking for updates in Bartender 3 on macOS Mojave

Or by downloading directly here:

macOS Mojave with its dark UI looks fantastic, and we are pleased to say that Bartender 3 works well with the initial beta. The only current issue we have found is that macOS Mojave now explicitly requires you to allow Bartender 3 to control menu items, this can be done in:

System Preferences->Security and Privacy->Privacy->Accessibility.

The current release of Bartender will crash at launch until this is enabled. We will be releasing a fix for this soon, with a prompt directing users. We will also be updating to fully support a dark UI.