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OS X Yosemite Compatible

Please see our newer post OS X Yosemite DP2 on how to update to the latest version of Bartender.

TL:DR - You can download an OS X Yosemite compatible Test Build of Bartender by accepting Test Builds in Bartender Preferences and checking for updates. If you want to do this automatically (or are on Yosemite and cant access Bartender Preferences) you can click below on the Mac with Bartender: Last Week Apple announced OS X Yosemite at WWDC and wow does it look amazing. As soon as possible we downloaded and tested Bartender on the Yosemite Developer Preview. As others have found Bartender 1.2.11 brings up an Incompatibility report as soon as it opens, this report is generated by Bartender as it realises some features it uses have changed with the latest version of OS X.
Bartender has not crashed and will check for updates in this state but will not control your menu bar. You can also still access Bartender preferences by launching the Bartender app again while the compatibility report is still open. With this test release we have updated Bartender to fix the incompatibility with OS X Yosemite and fixed some bugs releated to 10.10. NOTES: Please remember OS X Yosemite is still in Beta, at present we are aware of an issue with some apps not working with Bartender still (Currently the main apps with issues are DropBox, GoogleDrive, Boom, and a few others).
We have tracked this issue down to a bug in Yosemite, we have reported this to Apple and hope for a fix soon. If this does not happen we have a work around we can implement.

If you notice any other issues with Bartender please do use the Send Feedback function inside Bartender to let us know, it really helps.

The release notes are available here.