Bartender 3

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Update 0.9.06, or what we did in May

Wow its calming down a bit here now, so we have had time to do what we love most, code! We have just released 0.9.06 which includes lots of internal changes, lots of bug fixes, and some new features we are working on. Here’s a quick rundown of whats new! ….Drum roll please….

  • By popular demand, Bartender will now autohide!
  • We are making progress on controlling Menu Extra’s these include Apple’s Icons, in this release you can put all the Menu Extra’s in Bartender, but cannot control them individually.
  • Bartender will now always be the right most Menu Bar Icon (After Menu Extra’s).
  • Items are now consistantly ordered in the Bartender Bar (Alphabetically by name)

Please check out the new features and keep an eye for anything not quite right, let us know what next great feature you want!

We are now going to look at allowing you to reorder items in the Bartender Bar using CMD and drag, and hope to perhaps allow setting the order for items in the Menu Bar too. We want to see if we can control individual Menu Extra’s and have some in Bartender whilst others remain in the Menu Bar.

But first we are leaving this weekend for WWDC!! Wahooo! 2 weeks in San Francisco and cant wait. If you have any suggestions of stuff to do whilst there contact us and let us know! Planning to do the sights like the bridge and alcatraz before a little keynoting on Monday!