Bartender 3

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WWDC and Bartender 0.9.07

Well WWDC was Fantastic! Great meeting so many developers and Apple Engineers from around the globe in one place. We had some interesting discussions and have some neat ideas for the future!

As for Bartender, we have been focusing on two branches, bug fixes and new features:

  • Fixing some nasty little bugs that have been causing crashes for some of our users, and preventing Bartender from installing for others. Spotlight and Launchbar are now fixed. You now have control regarding the auto-hiding of Bartender bar on and off; find this new feature in preferences. These are in release 0.9.07

  • New Features! We have been working on controlling individual Apple Menu system items, (we really miss the clock!). It’s looking promising, not ready for release yet, but we’re getting there. Also, we want better control of showing when an App updates it’s Menu bar icon. We discussed this area with Apple Engineers at WWDC, and have some leads on implementing this fine control within Bartender. All art work and UI are being updated to make Bartender Retina Ready. And finally, we are working on the best way to allow you to order your Menu bar items, both in the Menu bar and in Bartender. All these great new features are still in development and we hope to have most of them in the next release.

So with all the work in progress, release 0.9.07, is principally a stability and bug fix release.

Rest assured we are working on the features you all want and they will be coming soon.